Activité Golf, 

On March 9th, the newly established International Network La Baule (IN-La Baule) Golf group gathered for their first round.  Amazingly, according to Pierre, the group organiser, and based on the 19th hole - everyone won !  Jean-François, appreciative of Allan's fluid play, rewarded him with a well-deserved brew at the 19th .   Allan sets the bar high within our group but humbly remains accessible to all that wish to play in his quatuor – a real IN-La Baule trooper. 


Anne  and Beatrice finished the course with a certain panache that can surprise all of us on a good golf day J.   Pierre, whose trio was comprised of Ann & Beatrice  and himself, was happy to report that dignity his was saved by not losing too many golf balls.  Derelict in his duties, Pierre failed to take pictures of this first IN-La Baule Golf gathering – but promised to be less superficial on his duties in gatherings to come.


A heartfelt thank you to the participants and the amicable courtesies extended to IN-La Baule by the Golf de Guérande.